How Eric Garcetti Incentivized Apartment Demolitions in 2007

On April 2, the Los Angeles Times published a report titled "More rent-controlled buildings are being demolished to make way for pricier housing". The article refers to a trio of apartment buildings in Beverly Grove that were demolished for market rate apartment units. The article states, "The developer plans to replace 12 rent-controlled units with 30 pricier apartments and three units for lower-income tenants, according to building permits." I am reminded that Eric Garcetti is responsible for the developer's ability to build a new rental property consisting primarily of market rate units that are not under the Rent Stabilization Ordinance.

The Ellis Act has provisions that a city may enact to help preserve rent controlled units in certain situations. The City of Los Angeles took about twenty years to put these tenant protective provisions into its Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO). Tenant activism got the city council to finally act on it. Three amendments i…

Silver Lake Garden Apartments

In June 2007, Eric Garcetti, as the councilmember representing the 13th District, presented a motion stating, ". . . several parcels on North Silver Lake Boulevard are zoned for R3 density, which does not seem consistent with the balance of the community. In fact, it could be utilized to create a development that is out of scale and out of character with the neighborhood."
The motion instructed "that the Planning Deportment analyze the 2400 block of North Silver Lake Boulevard and report back to City Council in 90 days with recommendations for zoning or building envelope restrictions that would ensure that potential future development is calibrated to complement the surrounding residential neighborhood."
The Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee adopted the motion on November 27, 2007. The Department of Planning's resulting report, dated February 22, 2008, essentially recommended design guidelines that "will respond to the need for development th…

N Gower Street & W Lexington Avenue / Zoning: R3-1 & R3-1XL

Total lot size: 79,873 square feet Number of units: 72
Number of units allowed per R3 zoning: 79,873 divided by 800 square feet = 99 units

Draft Hollywood Community Plan Fails To Follow Housing Element Program

When the Housing Element of the City of Los Angeles' General Plan was being updated in 2008, the Department of City Planning advocated including a downzoning provision to "preserve stable multi-family residential neighborhoods".
Recently, when I examined theDraft Matrix of Existing, Planned and Proposed Land Use of the Draft Hollywood Community Plan, looking for what is NOT included rather than what is included, I was unable to find any proposed downzoning following this program. Here is the text from the Housing Element:
Program F under Policy 2.4.3, Neighborhood Preservation -Downzoning.
F. Neighborhood Preservation – Downzoning
Preserve stable multi-family residential neighborhoods that provide older, and therefore, relatively affordable, but high quality housing stock. Evaluate the feasibility of downzoning such neighborhoods to approximate the existing densities in order to eliminate the incentive to demolish and replace such neighborhoods with higher density, more exp…

Vermont Avenue - N 1900-2100 Blocks / Zoning: R3-1XL


Lyman Place and Rodney Drive - N 1600 Blocks / Zoning: R3-1

My proposal: Establish HPOZ on Lyman Place. Downzone both Lyman Place and Rodney Place to an RD zone. DeMille and Harlow will be grandfathered.

Ambrose Ave. - W 4600-4500 Block/Zoning: R3-1XL