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N Gower Street & W Lexington Avenue / Zoning: R3-1 & R3-1XL

Total lot size: 79,873 square feet Number of units: 72
Number of units allowed per R3 zoning: 79,873 divided by 800 square feet = 99 units

Draft Hollywood Community Plan Fails To Follow Housing Element Program

When the Housing Element of the City of Los Angeles' General Plan was being updated in 2008, the Department of City Planning advocated including a downzoning provision to "preserve stable multi-family residential neighborhoods".
Recently, when I examined theDraft Matrix of Existing, Planned and Proposed Land Use of the Draft Hollywood Community Plan, looking for what is NOT included rather than what is included, I was unable to find any proposed downzoning following this program. Here is the text from the Housing Element:
Program F under Policy 2.4.3, Neighborhood Preservation -Downzoning.
F. Neighborhood Preservation – Downzoning
Preserve stable multi-family residential neighborhoods that provide older, and therefore, relatively affordable, but high quality housing stock. Evaluate the feasibility of downzoning such neighborhoods to approximate the existing densities in order to eliminate the incentive to demolish and replace such neighborhoods with higher density, more exp…